IGF DES(1-3) 1000 mcg

IGF1-DES (Insulin Growth Factor – 1 DES) is a human recombinant analogue of somatomedin- C with insulin-like properties. IGF1-DES contains 67 amino acids chain that mimics insulin structure. Growth hormones such as Somatomedins (IGFs) are vital for growth and development. The physiological role of the molecule is positive for protein synthesis, glucose and amino acids transport into the cells, RNA synthesis and to reduce protein catabolism. Some experts believe that IGF1-DES might promote neurogenesis and functions. The molecular weight is 7371.4 Daltons.

Insulin like growth factor 1-(4-70) or what is popularly known as IGF-1 DES is produced in Escherichia coli bacteria as a polypeptide with 67 amino acids, studies reveal that IGF-1 DES is a hundred times more potent than IGF-1 in stimulation of cell proliferation and hypertrophy. The action of the peptide is from its structural integrity and active sites, which promotes ligand binding and enhanced hormonal activity.

IGF1-DES Chemical Profile

CAS: 67763-96-6
Molecular weight: 462.55
Peptide purity: > 99.0%